Infrastructure, courses, advisory

In our headquarters at 86/89 Kolumba Street we have for rent at attractive prices office space for business, large conference and exhibition room, fully equipped audiovisual training rooms and a modern computer lab with 15 independent workstations working on the network and with Internet connection.

Our offer includes trainings and courses related to conducting business activity, to economic law, as well as increasing the knowledge and qualifications of entrepreneurs, their employees and those who wish to acquire new qualifications desirable on the labor market. We also organize courses in the lifelong learning system.

The main advantage of our location is the proximity to the main railway station, the public transport hub and the bus stop to Berlin. Apart from conveniences for commuters, the place is attractive for its location in the so called “The Venice of Szczecin” because of the wonderful view over the Odra river and the canals.

If you want to feel a bit of this atmosphere, feel free to visit us!

We also invite people of culture and art – we have places for you to work and a places to show your creativity!

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